Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tamil mass brawl at wedding Aarau - four injured

At a Tamil wedding ceremony took place on Sunday in Aarau to a mass brawl. Several fighting cocks, first among the 200 guests came to each other verbally, after which the conflict degenerated into a brawl. Four people were injured.

Aarau. - During the brawl and batons were used as the Aargau canton police revealed. Four people had to part with moderate injuries are taken to Cantonal Hospital of Aarau.

Several patrols of the Canton Police Department and the city of Aarau police had to be mobilized to bring the situation under control. The circumstances of the brawl is not yet clear. The police even questioned in the evening several people. The district office Aarau set a 44-year-old man in custody.

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